... explore Nova Scotia our way.


The Truth About Jeepers

Jeepers are in a class of their own, yet we are just like everyone else.

We are young and old,

We love to play and get dirty.

Occasionally we have a breakdown

and sometimes, our breakdowns can get a bit messy.

Like everyone, we have our ups and downs,

and sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a rut

but, being a member of the NSJC means we have a big family

who are ready to pull us back up on our feet again

and give each other a push in the right direction.

We tend to travel in packs

as well as help each other out along the way

Being from Nova Scotia, we are tough. Jeepers are not afraid of the weather

and no obstacle is too big,

or too small to overcome

Jeepers love to eat

and will find a spot anywhere to do it

Really, I do mean anywhere!

Sometimes, it seems like the world has gone to the dogs

Most of the time,though, we just feel like we are on top of the world!